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Aqua-Service is a water environment management company that has operated a maintenance business over more than 25 years that is focused on improving water quality in bays, lakes and marshes, dams, rivers, aquaculture sites, agricultural ponds, ponds, fountains, and cultivation environments; improving soil; restoring trees; treating wastewater; eliminating unpleasant odors; and purifying and managing ponds. Our experienced maintenance professionals go out into the field to deal with changing conditions at these and other sites. The products featured on this website have been developed and manufactured based on the experience weユve gained from these maintenance operations.

Our Aqualift series of biologically active agents offers unprecedented performance by establishing themselves, reproducing, persisting over time, and outcompeting other species. Local governments, manufacturing plants, farmers, agricultural organizations, landscapers and gardeners, and fish farmers around Japan have used these products for many years and praised their effectiveness. We also supply a variety of products developed with a focus on low cost, including control agents and water quality improvement devices designed to address a variety of problems involving water quality and environment products designed to resolve issues in everyday life.

■Official website
Our official website includes detailed information about how various sites have used our products to improve conditions. Currently, the site includes more than 10,000 pages profiling the effects our products have had over time through photographs, comparison photographs, videos, and other means.

You can easily return to the page describing the initial treatment work from any treatment site page, allowing you to compare effects over time. In addition, all site photographs have a button for zooming in so that you can more clearly review characteristics such as the color of plant leaves, crops, and pond water.
Click the "More" or "Customer Feedback" buttons on product pages for detailed, easy-to-understand explanations.

It is our hope that the website will provide useful information for customers who are considering using our products for the first time, as well as for customers who are already using our products.

We welcome inquiries by phone or email and look forward to providing fine-grained service and support via the appropriate department.

Name Aqua-Service Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Yoshiharu Saeki
Head Office
4-7-19 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0018, Japan
Phon : 81-92-475-4131
FAX : 81-92-475-4133

Osaka Sales Office 6-12 Kammaki Minami Ekimae-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-0004, Japan
※Please direct inquiries concerning products and product purchase requests to the Head Office in Fukuoka.
Established October 1986
Capital ¥ 20 million
Biologically active agents for purifying water environments, improving agricultural soil,
restoring the health of fruit and other trees, improving water quality at aquaculture sites,
treating wastewater, and eliminating unpleasant odors
Water treatment agents, algae control agents, disinfectants, materials for dealing with unpleasant odors, water quality improvement devices, and environmental products
Purification and management of bays, dams, rivers, lakes and marshes, agricultural ponds, sedimentation basins, aquaculture sites, ponds, park ponds, golf course ponds, and ponds at shrines and temples
Improvement, maintenance, and management of transparency in ponds quickly and inexpensively with our Circulating Biotron method
Sale of made-in-Kyushu water-related merchandise, interior furnishings, Japanese-style merchandise, gardening supplies, and other products via the Aqua online store
・Biologically active agents (Aqualift series)
・Site research and water quality analysis
Consulting attorneys Koga Hanashima Law Office
Patent office Kato IP Group
Each department takes utmost care to manage information it receives from customers in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. We ensure confidentiality and manage information by means of restrictions that prevent other departments from viewing customer information or removing data from company computers using external storage media (such as CDs, DVDs, USB memory sticks, etc.).
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